Avlimil is formulated and distributed by Vianda, a trusted provider of premium nutraceuticals.
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Once-Daily Natural Supplement for Hormonal Balance and Menopause Relief.

How do I take Avlimil?
Avlimil is taken once a day, just like a vitamin. One capsule each day supplies you with a gentle blend of nutrients designed to restore your natural balance and vitality to relieve the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance and menopause; including hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and more.

Does Avlimil contain hormones?
Avlimil contains no synthetic estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, or other steroid hormones.

How does Avlimil complare to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
The great thing about Avlimil is that it is a gentle, natural supplement . Unlike HRT, Avlimil is not a drug and does not require a prescription or a visit to the doctor. It is also adaptogenic, which means your body uses only what it needs to restore its own natural hormonal balance. Your body can adapt Avlimil to your unique hormonal needs, resolving the hormonal imbalance that is causing your symptoms. Please keep in mind that HRT is a drug and like all drugs, HRT has known side effects, information on specific side effects is available from your doctor or the manufacturer's website.

How does Avlimil work?
Avlimil helps relieve many symptoms caused by fluctuating hormones, such as night sweats and hot flashes, without the use of steroids or drugs. Many women notice benefits in as little as 10 days, but since Avlimil is all natural, results may occur gradually so please allow 60-90 days to evaluate the benefits.

Will Avlimil improve my libido and sexual arousal?
Hormonal fluctuation can affect all aspects of your life – including your relationships. Every woman will respond differently, but with balanced hormones you should experience the restored vitality you need to pursue all your passions.

Is Avlimil safe?
Vianda, the maker of Avlimil, is in full compliance with the dietary supplement regulations set forth by the U.S Food and Drug Administration. Avlimil is a natural supplement, made with organic ingredients and containing only those ingredients considered to be safe for ongoing use without the likelihood of side effects. However, it is always possible, as with any food or supplement, that results may vary and every woman's body responds differently. Therefore, we always recommend that you consult your doctor or health care provider before making changes to your healthcare regimen.

Can I return Avlimil if I am not satisfied?
Yes, your Avlimil purchase is backed by our 60 Day return policy. Before returning any product, please review the details and instructions here.

What does organic mean?
Simply stated, organic food or ingredients are produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation and with an emphasis on the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.

Does Avlimil contain Gluten? Is Avlimil vegan or vegetarian?
Avlimil does not contain Gluten. Avlimil is vegan, vegetarian, made with organic ingredients, non-GMO; as well as dairy, gluten, and artificial free.

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